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Sebil Ajdin - CMO
Bejtula Ajdin— Founder & CEO

Our Story

Edukimonline is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting thousands of students to the skills they need to succeed. We provide quality of education at affordable and reason able cost.

EdukimOnline is providing quality education and training courses for the students and prepare them for future evolving situations.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Instructors at EdukimOnline are very talented and full of skills keeping up with the rapidly evolving workplace.

Prof. Teuta Halimi

Prof. Teuta Halimi – Master degree in Music Education, Ss. Cyril and Methodius, University of Skopje.She has participated in many projects, and events .

Prof. Dr. Bujar H. Durmishi

Prof. Dr. Bujar H. Durmishi is an educationist specialist in the field of chemistry, have been integral part of Ministry of education.

Elona Xhemaili

PhD Candidate in the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje; Teaching assistant at University of Tetova (Medical Sciences Faculty/ Department of Pharmacy and Medicine) and an ESL professor.

Lida Aliu

Lida Aliu graduated from the elementary and high school of music at the High School “Todor Skallovski-Tetoec” -Tetovo. She is a winner of many state and international awards in the categories: solo and chamber formations, has participated in many concerts, projects, events and festivals

Dr. Bujar Sulejmani

Dr. Bujar Sulejmani has specialization in dentistry and medicine.  His qualifications are : University of “Sv Kiril i Metodij”–Skopje,Republic of Mace-donia,Faculty of Medicine:The postgraduate study on Public Health and Public Health Management


Prof. Shpresa Alimi-Memedi

Shpresa Alimi-Memedi is a Doctor of Juridical Sciences. Lecturer in the Master degree, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Department, University of Tetova “Fadil Sulejmani”, Tetovo


Kanita Aliu

Kanita Aliu is a music specialist having master degree in music sciences. She has a very charm background of music and has received many awards.

Prof. Vjollcë Berisha

Prof. Vjollcë Berisha is education specialist in the field of Albanian Language and Literature .

Jetmir Mehmedi

Jetmir Mehmedi is well known in the art of guitar playing, post grduate student at the University “HasanPristina-Pristina” (Kosovo)

Melisa Tairi

Melisa Tairi is mathematician, having graduation from State University of Tetova. She has an extensive experience of teaching mathematics courses of all levels.

Samir ibraimi

Samir Ibraimi is a Drummer – Percussionist who is continuing his studies in U.SH.T faculty for percussion. From a adolescence he deals with music and after years of experience on stage with various formations and artists through concerts, studio sessions and music television projects

Korab Hajdari

Hisen Tairi

Hisen Tairi is food specialist and know the techniques of preparing and serving food in a number of ways.

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